Silver Tiger Tai Chi- Internal Arts for Health & Fitness

Sword Class

Mondays 8:00-9:00PM

Lyceoum Hall
Burlington, NJ

Learn a beautiful form using the tai chi double edge sword.  Considered the most noble and distinguished among weapons, both men and women can participate on the same levels in mastering the art of the sword, but women especially find the grace of this form appealing.  The same basic tai chi principles of energy balance and coordination apply, only now qi flows through the sword as an extension of the arms.  Unity is still the key to creating the gracefulness and power required to “Dance with the Sword”, as the practice is referred to in China.  This class will emphasize the basic sequence of this form with instruction on details of sword technique and it’s use in martial application.

Note:  Please bring your own favorite sword.  We do have a few to spare for those who do not have one, but please let us know ahead of time to make sure there is one for you still available. 

If interested please register early, space is limited.

Phone# 856-778-4209


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