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Kneeling from left to right: Joe Jackson, Lynne Kemler.
Standing from left to right: David Kerr,Brian Coffey, Fran Maher, Richard Roche, Master William Ting, Jim Van Haren, Joe Diaco, Joe Eber

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These individuals were hand selected by Master Ting for additional intensive instruction in the system of his lineage Wu Ji Jing Gong. By tradition, potential teachers are chosen because they have exhibited traits of personal integrity, such as Confidence, Modesty, Sincerity, Perseverence, and Understanding. Master Ting strongly believes that the future standing of Tai Chi as a distinguished martial art and vital discipline for healthy living will depend not only upon technical skill and knowledge, but also on the values of the individuals who teach it.  The reflection of one's internal character is often the means by which others form an opinion of one's reputation.  The essence of Tai Chi is based upon harmony and unity; however, in the hands of an individual of questionable character, the power of Tai chi could be destructive.  Traditionally, Chinese Masters were very selective as to who received the deepest training so as not to dishonor the reputation of their lineage or the integrity of the art.  In that same respect Master Ting has chosen to recognize only those persons who have been personally selected and trained by him to teach the Wu Ji Jing Gong system of Tai Chi.

Primary Level Wu Ji Qigong Sequence

First Level.......Qigong Sequence & First Section Wu Ji Jing Gong Form
Second Level....Qigong Sequence & First & Second Section Wu Ji Jing Gong Form
Third Level......Qigong Sequence & all 108 Movements of the Wu Ji Jing Gong Form
Senior Level.....Continuous training with Master Ting including but not limited to Walking Tai Chi, Push Hands, Martial Applications, Weapons, Philosophy

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